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Theatre for Peace News & Events Upcoming Event

Ajoka has launched a "Theatre for Peace" project to promote peace in South Asia and cooperation between theatre groups of India and Pakistan. During the next two years Ajoka in partnership with theatre groups in India and Pakistan, will organize theatre festivals, seminars, workshops and collaborative productions devoted to peer-building. A meeting of the steering committee consisting of theatre and civil society personalities from India and Pakistan was held in January in Lahore to approve the plans.

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Ajoka has launched a "Theatre for Peace" project to promote peace in South Asia and cooperation between theatre groups of India and Pakistan. During the next two years Ajoka in partnership with theatre groups in India and Pakistan, will organize theatre festivals, seminars, workshops and collaborative productions devoted to peer-building. A meeting of the steering committee consisting of theatre and civil society personalities from India and Pakistan was held in January in Lahore to approve the plans.
  • 2nd Hamsaya Theatre Festival in Chandigarh
    In July Ajoka theatre will head to India for an exclusive theatre festival as part of its Theatre for Peace programme. The festival titled “Humsaya Theatre Festival” will include five landmark Ajoka plays including: “Lo Phir Basant Ayee”, “Kaun Hai Yeh Gustakh”, “Dara”, “Anhi Mai Da Sufna” and “Kabira Khara Bazaar Mein”. This festival is being held from 23rd to 27th July in Tagore Hall, Chandigarh. First Humsaya festival was held by Ajoka in September 2015 in New Delhi.

  • Theatre for Peace Workshop
    Ajoka Theatre is expanding the Peace workshop project . Ajoka will visit Mingora, Sawat and Quetta, Baluchistan to conduct the theatre for peace workshops. The 3-day workshops aim to train young activists in doing promote socially meaningful theatre

  • New Play performance
    During Summer, Team Ajoka will produce two plays with powerful social and political message: “Talismati Tota “and “Bala King” . “Talismati Tota” is written and presented in the style of a “dastaan” (tale) while Bala King is a riveting story of a Pehlawan-turned politician.

  • Indo-Pak Theatre Festival
    Ajoka will host 3rd Humsaya Indo-Pak Theatre Festival in Lahore in November. Leading theatre groups from India and Pakistan will participate in the festival which will also be held in Islamabad.

  • Youth Theatre Festival
    Ajoka will hold a youth theatre festival in Lahore in December as part of its Empower! Theatre Project. Youth groups from all over Pakistan will attend the festival. First festival for the project was successfully held in December 2015.

  • Peace Theatre workshop(16th-20th Feb 2016)
    This will be a second workshop under theatre for peace project. The seven day (16th to 22nd Feb) exclusive workshop will happen in Lahore and artists will rehearse and finalize new play comprises on the life of Nobel Prize winner Poet Rabindar Nath Tagor.

  • Kari in Faislabad (12- March)
    On 24th February Ajoka Team will travel Faisalabad for a special performance of the play “Kari”. The purpose of this performance is to spread awareness about women’s rights and odd rituals of society.

  • Ajoka in Jaipur
    At the end of February Ajoka will participate in the world renowned famous Jaipur literature festival with a special performance of evergreen play “kaunhaiyehGustakh” based on life of great Urdu short story writer Sadat Hassan Manto.

  • Faiz Play in Karachi
    In March Ajoka will head to Karachi for two performances. On 7th and 8th march Ajoka will stage “ Rozan-e-Zindan say’’ in Karachi arts council. This play is Ajoka tribute to legend Faiz Ahmad Faiz. In the last week of March Ajoka will participate in Annual Napa festival and will present its new play “Kabirakhara Bazaar main” for the first time there.

  • Tagore coming to Lahore
    In April, Ajoka will perform its new play on Tagore in Lahore and then hold second Humsaya Theatre for Peace Festival in Chandigarh, India. Five Ajoka plays will be presented at the festival.

  • Theatre for Social Change Workshop
    Ajoka is holding a series of theatre workshops to promote the cause of peace and social change through theatre. The first such workshop will be held at the FC College University, Lahore in early October 2015 followed by a similar workshop in Peshawar in the last week of October. The workshops will be conducted by Ajoka experts and attended by students, young theatre and civil society activists. The series will continue in 2016.

  • Humsaya Festival
    Ajoka held the first-ever festival of Pakistani plays in India on 14-17 September 2015. The festival was a huge success at popular, media and political levels. The festival gave a boost to the efforts to build peace at times of heightened tensions at the border and absence of dialogue at the governmental level.

  • Theatre for Peace Seminar
    Ajoka organized an Indo-Pakistan Theatre for Peace seminar on 18 September 2015 at the JNU University, New Delhi. The seminar was chaired by veteran peace campaigner Pran Nevile and moderated by Ajoka’s Shahid Nadeem. The panelists included Usha Ganguli, Kewal Daliwal, Ashis Sengupta, Asghar Nadeem Syed and Madeeha Gauhar.

  • Dara & Kaun Hai Yeh Gustakh
    Date: 22-23 March
    “Dara” &“Kaun Hai Yeh Gustakh” at NAPA Festival Karachi

  • Meeting at SOAS
    Date:26 March
    Meeting at SOAS, London to celebrate the success of Ajoka’s “Dara” at the National Theatre

  • Dara at National Theatre
    Opening of Previews of “Dara” at the National Theatre, London from 20 January 2015, to con-tinue till first week of March.

  • Amrika Chalo
    Performances on 23-24 January at the Davis Center, Georgetown University, Washington DC

  • Platform at National Theatre
    Platform on Ajoka and Pakistani theatre, at Cootesloe on 26 January

  • Dara’s Press Show
    “Dara”’s Press Show at Lyttelton Theatre on 27 January.

  • Aaj rang Hai
    Ajoka held an 8-day festival of major Ajoka plays “Aaaj Rang hai” to mark its 30th anniversary. 7 plays were staged in 8 days for a packed and enthusiastic audience. The last show was also attended by Kewal Dahliwal, Artistic Director of Manch Rang Manch and President of Virsa Vihar cultural centre, Amritsar who had specially come to attend the concluding ecermony of the festival.

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Ajoka has been committed to the ideals of peace and tolerance, within Pakistan and in the region. Ajoka has collaborated with theatre activists from other countries of South Asia particularly from India & Bangladesh, even in times when any contact across the border was considered treason. The first play performed by Ajoka, "JALOOS" was written by the veteran India revolutionary playwright Badal Sircar. Ajoka has worked with the (late) Safdar Hashmi, Anuradha Kapoor, Ratti Bartholomew, Kamla Bhasin and Kewal Dhaliwal. Ajoka first performed in India in 1989 when "ITT was staged in Delhi. The plays which have performed in India since include "K.ALA MEDA BHES" (in Delhi, Kolkatta and Chandigarh in 1997), "AIK THEE NANI (in Delhi in 1999 & 2003 and Bombay in 2004), "DUKHINI (in Delhi, Chandigarh and Kolkatta in 2000) and "BORDER-BORDER" (in Chandigarh and Amritsar , in 2001 and 2005 respectively). In Nov. 2003, "BULLHA" was first performed in several cities of Indian Punjab including Amritsar, Patiala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh and Jammu.
Ajoka has organized Panjpaani Indo-Pak theatre festivals to promote the cause of peace. These festivals were held in 2004-2009. Ajoka has launched a Theatre for Peace programme in collaboration with various Pakistani and Indian theatre groups. Ajoka is the only Pakistani group which has performed in India from Srinagar to Kerala and from Amritsar to Kolkata.

To do socially-meaningful theatre and thus contribute to the struggle for a secular, humane, just and egalitarian society in Pakistan.To promote theatre in Pakistan by blending traditional theatre forms with modern techniques and to provide entertainment which has a social relevance.

Ajoka, which pioneered the theatre movement in Pakistan, was set up in 1983 by a group of young people led by Madeeha Gauhar, a TV actress and theatre director. Ajoka's first play, Badal Sarkar's "Jaloos", was performed in Lahore in 1984, in a house lawn in defiance of the strict censorship laws. Since then Ajoka has been continuously performing socially-meaningful plays within Pakistan and abroad. It has now over two dozen original plays and several adaptations in it's repertoire. Ajoka Theatre is a non-profit making non-commercial voluntary democratic organization. It's members come from varied class and social backgrounds.
Ajoka is financially independent. It has also worked on theatre projects with like-minded national and international NGOs, for which expenses are shared.

Ajoka attaches great importance to developing contacts with theatre groups in other countries, particularly in Asia. It has long-standing relations with theatre groups in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, the Philippines and has worked on joint productions with several groups of these countries and the International Drama and Education Association (IDEA). Within Pakistan Ajoka has worked with NGOs such as the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, the Family Planning Association of Pakistan, the WWF, the Goethe Institute, the Heinrich-Boll Foundation, the War Against Rape and the Alhamra Arts Council. It has a special relationship with the women's movement and a large number of Ajoka plays have addressed the gender issue. Ajoka also has close relations with the US-based Theatre without Borders.