Ajoka’s Coronologue Online Theatre Festival

Announcement of Winning Performancs

A Landmark Event in the evolving forms of Theatre

Justice (rtd) Nasira Javed Iqbal has congratulated Ajoka Theatre on holding a successful first-ever online theatre festival. She said Ajoka has responded to the challenge posed by the pandemic and lockdowns and come up with an innovative response to the restrictions on public gatherings and performances. She was speaking to the winners of Ajoka’s Cronologue Online Theatre Festival through Zoom and Facebook. She appreciated the creative work presented by the participants. Hamza Omar, producer of “Time Travel” was given the first prize of Rs 50,000 while Chand Bawani for the second prize of Rs 25,000 for her performance titled “Freedom”. Maleeha Basharat was given the third prize of Rs 20,000 for her “Halal Dance”. Special mentions were made of the presentations by Bashir Raaj, Nauman Rauf, Bilal Zafar, Sibte Hassan and Yusra Irfan.

The theme of the festival was “living under Lockdown” and the participants were asked to present unedited theatrical presentations. Over 60 contestants participated in the festival and the jury was asked to selected best submissions from a shortlist of 25. The winning entries will be screened on Youtube and Facebook in a series very soon.