Remembering Madeeha


The Ajoka theatre marked the first anniversary of its founding director Madeeha Gauhar with a tribute programme entitled ‘Resolutely Remembering Madeeha’ on Tuesday at Alhamra.The programme included a theatrical performance of Gauhar’s acclaimed play ‘Barri’, a documentary screening and a stimulating Qawwali performance.Written by Shahid Nadeem, ‘Barri’ highlights the sufferings of four women inmates of a prison cell. They include a woman activist, a mother arrested in place of her wanted son, a dervish woman charged with dancing at a shrine and a young woman who murdered her husband, thrice her age. The play is a sensitive and poignant portrayal of the tensions and the bonding between the wronged women from varying social classes.Before the performance of play, an exhibition highlighting the life and artistic career of Gauhar was also on display at foyer area of Hall 2. According to Mr Nadeem, the programme was a tribute to Gauhar’s progressive mindset, immense passion and commitment towards the revival of socially relevant and meaningful theatre in Pakistan.The programme was attended by a large gathering, including Gauhar’s family. The exhibition had titles of plays directed by Gauhar and awards she won nationally and internationally.

30th April, 2019