Ajoka at the International Theatre Festival Karachi

‘Anhi Mai Da Sufna’ at Pakistan Theatre Festival

Ajoka presented Shahid Nadeem’s acclaimed “Anhi Mai Da Sufna” at the International Theatre Festival, held by Karachi Arts Council on 18 September. The cast included Naseem Abbas, Usman, Razia, Malik Qaiser, Usman Zia, Bilal Mughal, Shahzad Sadiq, Rizwan Riaz, Mudassar, Rania Mohsin, Haifa Ibrahim, Kanwal Khan.  Kanwal Christopher and Aniq Abbas were the singers, production management was headed by SohailWarraich and Nadeem Mir did the lights and set. The play was set in the context of the tragic events that took place during Partition. The play told the story of a blind woman and elderly dyers who were separated from their loved ones during the partition and now live only in dreams. The audience enjoyed the live musical performance in the play. The audience attended the theatre in large numbers and appreciated the great performance of the artists.