“Dora Ka Intezar,” at Alhamra

Lahore (25 August 2023)

Ajoka performed its new play “Dora Ka Intezar” (Waiting for Dora) on 25 August at Alhamra. The audience included loyal Ajoka fans and new theatre enthusiasts. Set in a contemporary context, “Dora Ka Intezar” takes place in a textile factory located in Lahore’s Gajjumatta area.The factory workers learn that a representative from a major European client will visit their unit, potentially awarding them a multi-million-Euro contract provided the factory meets certain criteria. The employees rally to welcome and impress Dora, representing a variety of roles within the factory such as stitchers, cutters, washers, and supervisors. While awaiting Dora’s arrival, they confront and resolve issues of discrimination, sexual harassment, and competition. At a symbolic level, the play portrays a nation’s misguided hopes of an external savior to help realize their dreams.

The cast, including ErumNavaee, Rania Mohsin, M Qaiser, Rai Ali, Mehr Hasnain, Naseem Abbas, Hassan Atif, Ummer Amin, Anika Malik, Nasir Mahmood, Muzamil Shabbir, Samawia Zaman, Areeba Chaudhry, Kanwal Khan, Azka Lateef, and Rai Kamran Ali, delivered commendable performances. The music was composed by Naseem Abbas, and the choreography of the dances was done by Luke Kelvin.