Ajoka at the Borderlands Conference in Poland

Shahid Nadeem attended the international conference on Disputed Territories Memories, held in the border cities of Kaunas (Lithuania) and Poland, on 28-30 September. He gave a presentation on “Practicing Art in the Borderlands of Memories: Of Breaches & Bridges”.

Papers were read on topics such as Mnemonic Security, Ajoka presented a reading of its acclaimed play " Dukh Darya" at the international conference on Disputed Territory, Remembering Hard times, Memory, Terrorism and War and Politics of Memory and Colonization. Border issues and memories of Azarbijan-Armenia, Turkey-Iran, Pakistan-India, Lithuania-Poland and Ukraine were also discussed in various sessions. Participants also included scholars, activists and artists from UK, Estonia, Serbia, Pakistan and UAE. Shahid Nadeem spoke about Ajoka's work on peace-building in disputed territories. He showed relevant extracts from Ajoka plays and also interwove his own story as a Kashmir-born Punjabi theatre maker.

On the evening of 29 September, a reading of extracts from English translation of  Shahid Nadeem’s play “Dukh Darya” (River of Sorrow) presented at Café Europa. Ajoka’s Estonia-based artist Ishrat Shaheen and FC College University’s Dr Umbar Ibad joined the playwright for the reading while a Polish musician played saxophone. Video extracts from Ajoka's production of the play were also screened.

Shahid also met founder of Borderland Foundation and eminent Polish poet Krzysztof Czyzewski, who appreciated Ajoka's work and invited him to the present a play at the Poland's Mystery of the BridgeTheatre Festival. Shahid invited Borderland Foundation