It is set at the Wagah Border. The aggressive and hostile border closing ceremony motivated the writer to look deeper into this very superficial act of arrogance. As the play unfolds the children tell a very different story to the one witnessed at the border ceremony. Jovial songs and a light-hearted script do not hide the true story of a people torn apart by history. Lets see if you can guess which actor is Indian and which one is Pakistani! The play was first performed by Ajoka Children Theatre (ACT) and Besten Foundation, Chandigarh. Shahid, based in Los Angles at that time, e-mailed the Punjab-Urdu script written in Roman script, to Lahore and Chandigarh. Children rehearsed separately and then met for a week to rehearse together. It was the first experiment of its level and was a big success. The play was revived in 2004 when ACT collaborates with Springdale School, Amritsara Harinder Sandhu of the school directed this production of the play and play was performed in Amritsar, Delhi, Islamabad and Lahore
First Performance : August, 2004
Venue : Tagore Hall, Chandigarh
Written by :Shahid Nadeem
Directed by : Rukhsana Khan/Pawan Parkhi

Border-Border Drama Gallery