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Ghulam Abbas wrote 'thank" in the mid- the 1980s. The scenario of Ghulam Abbas' "Ohanak' seemed a specter created by the rich and cynical imagination of a story-teller. Today in 2008, the story seems to be so close to the present-day ugly reality that it is hard to believe that a writer could have foretold it with such uncanny accuracy. The retrogressive and intolerant ideology of the religious fundamentalists, propagating an orthodox, rigid interpretation of Islam, the acquiescence of the establishment and the disastrous consequences of following the logic of a theocratic state are so evident now that the story doesn't seem to by shocking of unbelievable. The total takes over by the turban-brigades of the story doesn't seem unimaginable anymore. The havoc wrecked in the past few years in the name of jihad and Talibanization is pushing us over the precipice and before we know it, we will be hurtling down into the abyss. The chilling and, as foretold, is coming.
First Performance : April, 2008
Venue : Alhamra Art Council, The Mall, Lahore
Written & Directed by : Shahid Nadeem

Hotel Mohenjodaro Drama Gallery