“Intezaar” (Waiting) is based on true stories from Pakistani prisons, stories of suffering, of injustice, of waiting. Waiting, in the context of our judicial and prison system, means waiting when your loved one will come home, when will the judicial system give justice to the falsely accused, when will a verdict on the right to the life of a human being be given and waiting forever for the dreaded black warrants…for the announcement of the date of the hanging.
On average a death convict has to wait for 10 years or more in prison before the State can take his life.”.
The Death penalty is regarded as an inhuman and degrading punishment in most countries. It becomes even more unjust and cruel in countries where the police and judicial system is corrupt and flawed.
First Performance : 28 April, 2017
Venue : Alhamra The Mall Lahore
Written by : Shahid Nadeem
Written by: Shahid Nadeem
Directed by: Dina Mousawi & Shahid Nadeem

Intezaar Drama Gallery