Kaun Bane Ga Badshah

Who will be the King? That is the name of an ancient game. The rules of the game have changed over time. Sometimes the matter was settled by the will of the gods, sometimes through one to one duels or prolonged succession battles. On other occasions, the bloodline was the deciding factor. The matter has also been settled by body revolutions at times. Of late, the subjects, the people, have been given the opportunity to elect their rulers. Or at least that is what the masses think.
Kaun Bane Ga Badshah is a game show, hosted by Big Boss, a mysterious and mischievous host, assisted by a well-mannered and well-spoken assistant called Nizam. Four young contestants from various ruling clans are being trained and tested and the winner is to wear the coveted crown. The contestants play bizarre games using Ghulamzada, everyman, as a scapegoat, target and servant. A group of spectators is part of the show but not as live participants! The parents of the contestants actively support their children in fair and unfair ways but the game gets tough and scary and there is unexpected interference in the game from the apparently half dead spectators. Ghulamzada rebels and the Big Boss has to step in to save the system.
In Pakistan, the game of democracy is relatively new. In the intervals between military rule, the masses are allowed to vote. But do they really choose their masters? Are they a part of this game or mere spectators? This issue is being hotly debated at the highest level and at the lowest. The game still hangs in the balance.
This game show with political undertones is couched in an entertaining and humorous presentation. It does, however, raise some pertinent and vital questions about the future and nature of democracy in Pakistan. This latest Ajoka production is a thoroughly enjoyable play with a strong message
First Performance : 26 August, 2015
Venue : Alhamra The Mall Lahore
Written & directed by: Shahid Nadeem

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