Raja Rasalu

The folk tale of Raja Rasalu has been a part of Punjabi folklore since ancient times. This tale is about the lives and adventures of the two Sons of Raja Salvahan of
Sialkot, Puran and Rasalu. The play "Raja Rasalu" is based on the qissas and epics which the storytellers of Punjab have been singing and reciting for centuries and have been part of the regions rich oral tradition. In researching various versions of Puran Bhagat and Raja Rasalu legends, we were amazed by the utter ease with which the two diverse religious traditions blend and merge into the narrative. So references to "Rab, Ram, Bhagwan, Khuda and Allah" abound in the narratives, which challenges notions of the distinct & separate identities which came about as an of perceived religious differences. In reclaiming the syncretic culture heritage of Punjab through its production of Raja Rasalu, Aoka reiterates its commitment to the quest for a secular space in these difficult and intolerant times.
First Performance : October, 2009
Venue : Alhamra Art Council, The Mall, Lahore
Written & Directed by : Malik Aslam

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