Saira aur Maira

Seema is a human rights lawyer and campaigner, who is supported by a sympathetic family and devoted team. The cases she is currently involved in are those of Saira, a married woman from Peshawar who wants a divorce from her abusive husband but her parents are totally opposed to it and Maira, who has married without her parents’ consent and is being pursued by her family. The two women seek shelter in Seema’s shelter home “Aghosh” and become good friends. Saira is stressed and agitated fearing death at the hands of her family, while Maira is lively and flamboyant. Saira’s parents consider her escape an ultimate blot on the family honour and plan to kill her. Seema fights on every front to seek justice for both women, defying virulent character-assassination and physical threats by the parents of the two women and their fundamentalist supporter. Her house and shelter home are attacked by fanatics. Her husband and teen-aged daughters are steadfast in their support for Seema. Eventually Seema’s position of being on the right side of history is vindicated by landmark Court judgments. But these achievements come too late for some. Not demoralized or intimidated, Seema continues her struggle for a better just tomorrow and a just society.
“SairaaurMaira” is a tribute to the iconic human rights campaigner Asma Jahangir and the play has been specially written by Shahid Nadeem for the Asma Jahangir Conference 2019. Asma was soul-mate of Ajoka’s founder Madeeha Gauhar and a source of inspiration for Ajoka. “Saira aur Maira” is also a celebration of courage and conviction of the women fighting against unjust patriarchal system, supported by civil society and ultimately, the system. The story unfolds in a dramatic way and is supported by heart-warming music and spectacular choreography.
First Performance : 19 October, 2019
Venue : Alhamra The Mall Lahore
Written & Directed by : Shahid Nadeem

Saira aur Maira Drama Gallery